Well we were finally able to spend a weekend at the lake. It feels like forever since we were able to get out there, but has probably only been a month, really.  Our sweet little cabin, where stress is unknown and peaceful relaxation a given.

  The 11am nap. Of course, nobody is awake to take my picture! We both nap at least once (often twice) a day while there – can’t beat that!






What a beautiful day!











And what a beautiful night!






Terrific amenities…






How was Your weekend?




5 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. Wow! Such a nice cabin!! One or two naps a day! I don’t think I could do it though it sounds nice. I’d be outside wandering around. That’s how I grew up, exploring outside and I loved it so much. We were 5 in a 700 sq ft? house. I don’t know exactly but it was small!! And if you hung around inside, mother would find something that she needed you to do.

    • Exactly right! That’s why it’s me taking the picture and not him, lol! I am the one sitting in the absolute quiet with my book or needlework (and camera).

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