A Hexagon Quilt Update and some Treasure

Do you remember when I started this quilt last July?

hexies in a butter dishI have been working on it every single evening, especially over the last month since I arrived at our new home.

015Sammy consented to pose so you could get a sense of perspective, size-wise:

018I does have a certain old-fashioned charm, doesn’t it? ā™„

And now for the treasure!

019This is the sewing cabinet that belonged to Kelly’s maternal grandmother, Annas Manson. We have had it for a few years, but it was sort of “in storage” in the family room, and I never actually looked through it (because it was a big junky mess).

004Until today.

010I wish I had taken a picture before I cleaned it up. Look at the treasure that was buried amongst the junk! Beautiful, beautiful vintage buttons.

011And this:

009Left over from Kelly’s elementary school days. šŸ™‚

Jack pot! Did I actually say that? Yes, I did. And I said it with the utmost respect for Annas, who was also a sewer. I like to think that she would be pleased that I am so pleased.

13 thoughts on “A Hexagon Quilt Update and some Treasure

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  2. I have a sewing cabinet just like this one. Since I bought it at an estate sale so I know nothing about it. Would love to know about it.

  3. I love, love, love it. You do good work Nita. When we cleaned out Ilmis home we got 4 full cookie cans full of buttons. May not have to ever buy another button. šŸ™‚

  4. Your hexis are beautiful! I love the colors. I’ve always thought that the buttons we collect create a sort of signature. I have buttons from my mother and my mother-in-law and the collections are vastly different and both are different from the buttons I’ve collected on my own. I don’t use many of the oldies but I sure like having them.

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