Grandmother’s Flower Garden: a hexagon quilt update

My grandmother’s flower garden quilt is still growing…

046She’s up to (approximately) 65 x 40.

045The bigger she gets, the slower she grows.

043I don’t know how much bigger I will go…I am nearly out of the cream background. 044How’s your garden growing?

5 thoughts on “Grandmother’s Flower Garden: a hexagon quilt update

  1. It is a beautiful quilt! I have a hexagon quilt which I started years ago using Kona solid ‘Sweet Pea’ and floral fabrics. I am glad I found your blog, it is lovely. Ann

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  3. I just pulled out my hexagons to get going on again…I have two weeks of family coming to visit and thought they’d make the perfect sewing project to have out. So inspiring to see yours as i need to start working on my pathes. 🙂

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