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Accounting for my time…and Navasana (boat pose)

Today is a bit of a bust, I’m afraid. I can’t think of anything witty to say, and nothing exciting happened in the neighbourhood to tell you about. It was a pretty ordinary day, to tell the truth. So if you’re sitting around wondering what I do with all my retired time, here’s an example:

Today I baked bread. I’d fed the sourdough starter a couple of days ago, and this morning it was the perfect amount of frothiness to turn into 4 loaves.

So then I made venison stew to go with the fresh bread for supper. Yum!

And I sewed a bodice muslin for the Collette Crepe dress. I discovered that the bodice front fits fine, but the back is waaaay to baggy. So I will have to figure out what adjustments to make. I’ll save that for tomorrow because getting this far took me most of the entire day! (For you non-sewers, a muslin is for just that purpose…getting the fit right so that you can transfer your adjustments back onto the paper pattern before cutting into your good fabric. For my muslin, I’m using an old duvet cover. It’s brilliant, actually – whoever thought that up?)

I read a bit. Oh! and I finished draft #2 of chapter two of the novel. Well, it’s probably more like draft 14, but who’s counting. I’m calling it draft #2 and sticking by it.

Other than that, I sat around some with my foot on a bag of ice. I couldn’t take Samson for a walk because of my tendonitis. And I couldn’t go for a bike ride because of my tendonitis. Yesterday I mowed the lawn…which is why today I can’t do anything to my foot except glare at it.

I’ve been doing a lot of that these last few weeks. Every time I start to feel a bit better, I go and do something stupid like walk to the mailbox, and cripes…there it goes again. I’ve self-diagnosed myself with tendonitis of the Achilles tendon. I’ve dealt with foot issues for years. Ice it, take ibuprofen and rest it up. But it’s been going on a bit long this time, so maybe it’s time to see a professional. sigh.

For the Blogging from A-Z in April challenge, I bring you a yoga pose that doesn’t require me to stand up.


More commonly known as Boat Pose.



Great work for the core muscles. Wonder Woman does this pose regularly.

And if you want to use supports, here is a quick video showing you how you can use a chair, a wall, or a strap. Navasana (boat pose) for all!


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  1. Ouch, doesn’t sound like fun to have that tendonitis. Can you wrap it with Ace bandage for more support before you do anything? Your average day sounds lovely to me. Fresh bread, delicious stew to dip it in, reading, progress on sewing, progress on editing. I’m just guessing there was puppy love in there, too. It sounds heavenly. =) What are you reading?

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