A busy day and the letter W

Thank you to Cindy for identifying the mystery tree!


Do you want to know what it is? Watch this short 20 second clip to find out!

Now there is a little family-of-origin joke in the clip you just watched. Oh my, how we kids would roll around laughing!

Today has been one of those very productive days that has felt very relaxed at the same time. A batch of sourdough bread has been baked. A venison stew is simmering. Laundry is drying on the line.  A lovely walk has been taken with my neighbour.

More straight and wavy lines have been sewn on my nephew’s quilt:


And I sewed a skirt! Well…I didn’t really sew it from scratch.

I had this pair of palazzo pants. They’ve never been that comfortable, so I hardly ever wear them. I’ve kept them all these years because they were expensive! Silly!


I finally said enough is enough. I need something black for community band, so I cut up the pants and refashioned them into a skirt!


With the yoga pant waistband, it will be a very comfy! 🙂

Speaking of yoga…






250_hp_lift_02_4502Wild thing (I just had to include this…for the name!)

No? Me, neither.



How about this W pose, instead?

Wide Legged Seated Pose:

7 thoughts on “A busy day and the letter W

  1. I love the skirt, but not the position. LOL There was a time when I could do the wide-leg thing, but that would be almost 40 years ago. =)

  2. I remember “The Larch”! To this day, it sometimes just pops into my head or I’ll respond to someone by saying “The Larch” in that Monty Python voice and people will just look at me like I’m deranged. 🙂

  3. I had a good laugh about the “larch” clip. I remember we all looked forward to Monty Python on Tuesday nights(to be exact) on our B&W TV – back in the good old days. We let you kids stay up late for this show. It was kind of risque in its day, but not like the TV shows nowadays. The “larch” was always our favorite. Don’t ask me why – we would just all crack up when it came on. I wonder if your bro & sis still remember that.

    • Yes, I remember it as well even though I was very young, I remember looking forward to “staying up late” on Tuesday nights to watch it, if I recall…late was 8:00.

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