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Dear Vi,

Today I sent out another query letter for Holding Space. That makes nine. Out of the nine, I’ve received two rejections and one request for a Full. That means the agent liked the query enough to want to read the full manuscript. That’s pretty exciting. Even if she decides it isn’t for her, it’s a huge boost to my writerly self esteem.

And I’ve got a short story out on submission, but I won’t hear for awhile yet.

Meanwhile, I’m working on two new manuscripts. This is a bit discombobulating –  I need to settle into one. Instead, I dither, going back and forth, unable to totally immerse myself in either.

I’ve been busy in other areas, too: I’ve got one quilt ready for binding and another one sandwiched and ready for quilting, and socks on one set of needles and a sweater on another set. Lots of busy going on in that area, as evidenced by the gawd awful mess of knitting and hand sewing paraphernalia next to my side of the couch.

And then, as if things weren’t messy enough,  I decided that most of the pieces of clothing I’ve made up to now are not acceptable. They looked good in the initial trying on, but once I started actually wearing them – out in public, like – their flaws started showing up. Three dresses have been tossed into the recycle bin. There’s enough fabric in the skirts to use as a muslin for a couple of tops I want to make. It’s all a learning process.

Sam and I have really been enjoying the autumn colours this year. Somehow, they seem even more vivid than usual.

What about you? Anything interesting to report?


  1. Your pictures are so beautiful. I too just love Fall. It’s exciting to watch the progress of your writing and I’m inspired by your gusto to just “recycle” if some clothes didn’t work out like you had thought….way to enjoy the process!!!! Like you, I have and enjoy, multiple projects at once. I’m hoping to be back to my ol routines of blogging and quilting here soon….new grand baby due in a month and daughter and grand guy will be moving to their new town/home in two weeks….just waiting for their house to close as “daddy” moved already and is staying in an Air B&B as he orientates to his new job. Good times…but busy! We Don’t even remember how we worked and raised two little ones. Soooo mych energy in their little four year old bodies. 🙂 Miss ya and enjoyed dropping by to say hi.

  2. Good luck with the manuscript. Keep writing because it can only get better. As for the making, that too will improve the more you do it. Life is one big continual learning curve. Happy that your post appeared in my mail this morning. Would not dare show you my creative mess.

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