Autumn Knitting

Dear Vi,

Well, the frost is on the pumpkin here, and our time in Dawson is nearly done. There are so many things I haven’t shown you yet! This is my view out the front window: a dredge pond surrounded by tailings piles left by the dredges sometime in the early 1900s. The rocks make a great background to show you the knitting projects that have kept me busy. We will be loading up the camper and heading south sometime next week. I had hoped to have this sweater finished and a good start on a second one by summer’s end, but my ambition exceeded my capacity. Kelly has one last big trip to fly this weekend, and I will tell you all about it when he gets back. Today I’m off to town in search of warmer clothing. Autumn comes early this far north. I hope you’re keeping warm, too!

3 thoughts on “Autumn Knitting

  1. Goodbyes are always hard. But there’s a hello at the other end! The socks look great. Is that the kind of knitting where the heel is knitted separately? Pretty color for the sweater, too. Have a safe trip, don’t leave your heart behind. =)

  2. Beautiful earthy craft….knitting, photography, recognizing the beauty in simplicity…as the seasons turn..Save travels back to the Shuswap!

  3. Your knitting looks beautiful on the rocks. Love the sweater, the colour is gorgeous. It is turning fall like here in the evenings, the trees are turning and it is cool in the shade.

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