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Tulips and other Small Things that bring Joy

Dear Vi,

Yesterday was the official first day of spring.  The sun has crossed the celestial equator, moving northward.

I celebrated the Vernal Equinox by going outside to inspect my flower beds. Were my tulips poking green tips up through the chilly dirt yet? Yes! Yes, they were.  Small, green tips about an inch high, full of promise.

I can’t begin to say how happy that made me. Even though we’ve had a pretty good winter (by my standards, anyway), I still felt a burst of joy at the first sign of the flowers the deer find such a delicacy each spring. I am crossing my fingers they forget to check the edges of my driveway this year.

Tulips confirmed, I came inside, made a cup of tea, and tidied my sewing room. As I ran a damp dusting cloth over newly cleared surfaces, I appreciated all the things I love about this space: the way the lace curtain hangs to the side of the glass door leading out to the deck, my shelves with their bins of colourful scraps, the sampler blocks I found while tidying and impulsively arranged on the design wall, Samson watching me from his pillow in the corner, the sight of Bastion Mountain rising up into the sky, stone grey and green against the blue sky right outside my window.

Here, I’ll hold my camera up to the glass and show you:

Sometimes it’s the simplest things that bring the most joy.

What small things bring you joy?


  1. I’m afraid it will be quite some time before I see my tulips and daffs peek through. They are buried under 3 feet of snow! But the bluebirds are back – that’s our first sign of spring. I always wonder how they survive when they arrive with so much snow on the ground.

  2. Right this minute I am sitting with a cup of tea, it is 6.45am and it is so peaceful. I have some pink tulips in a vase that my daughter gave to me yesterday and they do look pretty. The birds outside the window are chirping away and that brings me joy.

  3. What has brought me most joy is organizing and measuring my quilt tops, finding backing for them in my stash and ordering some backing for others. Plus the melting of all our snow!!!!

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