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Tippy Canoe and Broccoli, Too

Dear Vi,

I thought you might like to hear a bit of what I’ve been doing.In case you can’t tell from the picture, I planted a garden!Actually, I created a garden completely from scratch.I purchased bags of soil, plants, and seeds when we passed through Whitehorse last May………and when we got here I scrounged some old cement forms to hold the dirt.My neighbor Sally very generously let me shovel out several buckets of dirt from her dirt stash to supplement what I brought with me.Yes, people in Dawson City have dirt stashes. And least you think otherwise, I’d like to inform you that romance is alive and well up here – her boyfriend bought Sally a pile of dirt for her birthday one year. And also in case you’re wondering, yes, it was the perfect gift. I’ve been sharing salad greens and produce which is really cool, considering.Everyone has been enjoying the greenery. Amazing, who knew you could grow a kitty cat in only 4 inches of dirt?And of course there are flowers……how could there not be flowers?How’s your garden growing?

ps you’ll need to excuse any typos…I’m posting on my phone!


  1. I missed this one. Uh-oh! So nice to see your garden, and I did laugh at growing a kitty. Those things will grow anywhere, even Alaska! It looks like a lovely garden, flowers and veggies. I hope your garden awaits you during another summer in Dawson.

  2. How beautiful!! I love your garden and your growing kitty!! I never thought that there could be a place with trees where you don’t also have soil?

  3. So happy to see you’re enjoying gardening in Dawson. We just got back from Korea and Japan;so my garden is full of weeds, but am thankful to my daughter, sister and brother for keeping my flowers alive with watering duties 😃

  4. I totally agree with Paula…no sign of bugs and perfectly formed..Excellent garden produce Nita…Your neighbours must LOVE the extra that you can’t eat. I won’t be posting pix of my malformed cucs, which is my major crop of the season..LOL xx C

  5. Garden looks fantastic! No pests eating everything, that is a triumph. Have never seen such robust looking broccoli from a home garden!

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