It was hard to stay in touch

Dear Vi,

Obviously I haven’t been around for a bit!

It was hard staying in touch with you while we were in Dawson City last summer because I had even less access to wifi than I did the year before. So blogging was …difficult.

Since we got back last fall, I’ve been hunkered down: dealing with health, struggling with some big questions & working things out in my mind, doing lots of writing, doing lots of critiquing, a little quilting. I’ve pretty much been keeping to myself here in my little corner of the world.

I’ll catch you up on all that really soon.

6 thoughts on “It was hard to stay in touch

  1. Vi and I love to know that you are genuine and always re evaluating life … a visionary and spirit that many of us would only dream of…Hugs from Comox…C

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