About Me

Welcome to my corner of the world!

I’ve loved books for as long as I can remember.

My very earliest memory is of visiting the bookmobile when it passed through our neighbourhood when I was two or three years old. The bookmobile was in a big van, and I remember holding my mother’s hand as I climbed the giant steps, each one as high as my knee, to get into the back where all the books were.

I remember the summer-hot scents of dust and road tar and that oily old-truck smell, and I especially remember a feeling of wild excitement that beat like the wings of a bird inside my chest.

I had that exact same feeling the first time I was given a tour of the library at my elementary school when I was six. In that moment, my dream became to read every book in the entire library, and then write one.

Raised as a reader, it was only natural that I became a writer, too.

And then, with a natural gift for editing, I became everyone’s favourite critique partner. One of the things I loved best was helping my critique partners see the stories they were trying to tell…and so it was natural that I became a developmental editor and book/writing coach.

Because I’m a writer, I know what it’s like to just wish somebody could show tell me what’s working in my own pages and tell me why…and then point me in the right direction to solve it. That’s why it’s my mission to help writers just like you clarify on the page what you already see so clearly in your head. Clarity, Craft, Creativity, Curiosity, and Communication. All the Big C words that lead up to the biggest C word of all…Completion!

As your book coach, I’ll help you create a satisfying writing life. Together we’ll problem solve whatever it is that’s interfering.

Certification FICTION badge.jpg

I am a certified Author Accelerator book coach.

Jennie Nash and the Author Accelerator team are on a mission to help writers write books worth reading. They do that by training book coaches to support writers just like you through the entire creative process.

In my careers as a small-business owner, professional administrative assistant, dance instructor, performance coach, and event producer I’ve taken advantage of every opportunity to increase my skills and knowledge, working with creative adults in project management and the arts. When woven together, these cross-over skills create a powerful whole-cloth tapestry that informs my coaching style.

Random Fun Facts:

I believe in simplicity, finding joy in the small things, and living a balanced life.


…and I have a really cute little dog named Samson.


Would you believe me if I told you that I used to be a lighthouse keeper? Yes, the kind with a rotating light and a fog horn, lol.

And would you believe me if I told you I’m also a musician and a dancer? I played bari sax in an 18-piece swing band, AND taught, studied, and performed the beautiful art of Egyptian style bellydance for over 15 years.

Here’s an interesting fact:

There isn’t much difference in the space a music or a dance teacher holds for her student and the space a book coach holds for her client.

Teaching and coaching both involve a combination of vulnerability and trust. One must listen and watch carefully, and respond with both sensitivity and honesty.

What else?

  • I’ve played clarinet in two orchestras,
  • lived in the Yukon,
  • flown in an open-cockpit vintage biplane,
  • knitted dozens of pairs of socks,
  • sewn several quilts,
  • baked hundreds of loaves of bread,
  • been married 40+ years to the same lovely man,
  • and raised one awesome adult son.

So much good stuff!

Contact me at nitacollinswriter (at) gmail (dot) com.  I'd love to hear from you!
Contact me: nitacollinswriter (at) gmail (dot) com