Book Coaching & Editing Services

This page is under construction while I get the business up and running.


If you would like to work with me, contact me at nitacollinswriter (at) gmail (dot) com and we’ll have a conversation about your needs and how I can best help you write your best book.

It is my firm belief that a good critique should be something to learn from – a tool to help you grow as a writer.


“I met Nita by chance when we exchanged pages on the Women’s Fiction Writers’ Association website. The type of feedback she gave made me quickly realize I was in the hands of a naturally gifted editor. A long-time professional editor myself, I immediately hired her to edit the rest of my book, and I’m thrilled with the suggestions she’s made to make my writing, characters, and story stronger. I highly recommend Nita’s editorial services.”

Betsy Thorpe, editor


“Nita has made me a better writer. Simple as that. She’s far and away the best critique partner I’ve ever had, moving into more of a teacher-student role with me at times. She’s brilliant at showing versus telling, and catching things like those tricky POV slips and overused words. She’s detail orientated but also sees the big picture. If this is your first book or your fiftieth, you will become a better writer with Nita by your side.”

Holly Kerr, author of women’s fiction, romantic comedy, and chick lit


Nita’s evaluation of my manuscript was empathetic and insightful. Her input was professional and constructive and she consistently pushed me to think more deeply about the story I was writing. I would be more than happy to work with her again and sincerely recommend her to anyone looking for an editor or writing coach.

Susan Morris, writer


“I’d recommend Nita to anyone who needs a little help making their writing pop. She is detailed and takes the time to explain the why behind her comments. She works hard to see your vision and helps you make your work into the best possible version of itself. Nita also points out what you’re doing right, which can be just as helpful as knowing what’s not, and helps you build on your strengths.” 

Melissa Morris, writer