Writing since before the age of nine.

Dear Vi,

Today I’m going to share a very sweet little story that I wrote very early in my writing career. I wrote it for my mother on Mother’s Day in 1971.

You’ll find it below, copied word for word, misspellings and grammatical errors included. I hope your laughter is full of delight. Mine was!

The Mother who Saved the Mothers from the Black Bear

One day Jane was in school sitting in her desk waiting egrley for the surprise Mis Cod had promesed them the day before. So now Jane and the rest of the clas were waiting for Mis Cod to tell them.

Finally Mrs. Cod came into the room. As usual Mis Cod had them sing good morning. After they had finished singing good morning, Mis Cod told them the surprise. Now was the time Jane had been waiting for.

Now Mis Cod began, “now Sunday is mothers Day so we are going to have a mothers day play. It will be called, Mother I Love You. It will be a story on mothers. Now Bob you will be the bear. Sue you will be one of the mothers. Sally, Misty, Karen, and Colleen will be mothers and Jane will be the mother who saves the mothers and their babies from the black bear.  Bob, Joe, Jim and Mike and Terri (a boy), will be the animals who lead Jane to the mothers.

[next week: play begins]

Jane was surprised when she did her lines right.  Now the play was over. Everyone was talking at once. After everyone quited down, Janes mother said “O, what a wonderful mothers day,” she said, almost crying.

The End

grade 4 pointer

catching up and coming in last

I’ve spent this week sick, on the couch. It’s okay. Really, it is.

It’s actually kind of nice to just rest and do what my body tells me to – quite a change from the working years when we just had to push through. Take drugs to stop coughing, stop blowing, stay alert. Then collapse the minute we walked in the door at the end of the day. No time to look after ourselves.

handquilted 2Well, now I have time. After two years of retirement, I’m finally at a place where I can give my body what it needs when it’s sick: rest. I’ve lazed around, sleeping when I need to, chain-drinking pots of tea, moving around when I need to. I feel like I’m charting the progress of this cold. It changes every day. It’s interesting, in a scientific sort of way. Uncomfortable, even painful at times…but interesting.


I’m getting lots of reading in. And some small bouts of sewing. I get up and putter a bit, then go lay down for awhile, then get up again and putter some more. It took me two days to make one splendid sampler block. And that’s perfectly okay. It brings new meaning to living simply – something I’ve been striving for.


And just in case you think I gave up on the A-Z challenge: I didn’t. I’m just coming in last.






I couldn’t find a single pose that begins with the letters x, y or z. So what I’m going to do is tell you about something I’ve challenged myself with. It’s the end of the alphabet, after all. What comes next? My personal goal: Crow Pose

my challengeSomeday I will be able to do this. I don’t know why, but I just know that in this pose I will know myself to be physically strong. That hovering in crow pose, I will be as strong as I will ever need to be.

Partly it’s because this pose requires strength from the entire body: tremendous core strength and the shoulder & arm strength that I have been lacking. And mental strength, too, to overcome the fear of falling forward and doing a face plant on the floor.

Inside myself, I think of this as the Raven pose.

crow pose

I miss the ravens of the Yukon. I miss their burbling and clicking and cawing and the thousands of different sounds they make. I miss them being ever present and watchfully perched on the lamp posts, heads tilted. I miss the way they fluff their feather up so they look like they’re wearing furry black parkas in the winter  If I were ever to get a tattoo, it would be of a raven. If I ever master this pose, maybe I will.


The End (of the alphabet and the a-z challenge.)

What comes next for you?

A busy day and the letter W

Thank you to Cindy for identifying the mystery tree!


Do you want to know what it is? Watch this short 20 second clip to find out!

Now there is a little family-of-origin joke in the clip you just watched. Oh my, how we kids would roll around laughing!

Today has been one of those very productive days that has felt very relaxed at the same time. A batch of sourdough bread has been baked. A venison stew is simmering. Laundry is drying on the line.  A lovely walk has been taken with my neighbour.

More straight and wavy lines have been sewn on my nephew’s quilt:


And I sewed a skirt! Well…I didn’t really sew it from scratch.

I had this pair of palazzo pants. They’ve never been that comfortable, so I hardly ever wear them. I’ve kept them all these years because they were expensive! Silly!


I finally said enough is enough. I need something black for community band, so I cut up the pants and refashioned them into a skirt!


With the yoga pant waistband, it will be a very comfy! 🙂

Speaking of yoga…






250_hp_lift_02_4502Wild thing (I just had to include this…for the name!)

No? Me, neither.



How about this W pose, instead?

Wide Legged Seated Pose: