Working with a book coach is more than an investment in your book… it’s an investment in YOU.

Because your writing life matters

Just what the heck is a book coach, anyway?

Put simply, working 1:1 with a book coach is similar to a piano student taking private music lessons. The piano student is the person at the keyboard producing the music. The coach is the teacher standing behind her with a hand on her shoulder, giving encouragement and helping her understand how the notes she’s playing relate to the experience of the listener.

Working with a book coach is active learning.

Everyone needs a cheerleader. Everyone needs a mentor. We all need somebody to stand behind us with a warm hand on our shoulder, offering critique, keeping us accountable and celebrating our achievements.

That’s my job. That’s what I’m here for. That’s what I love doing.

Coaching Packages:

Step One: Blueprint for a Book

I have an idea for a book but I don’t know how or where to start

The Step One: Blueprint for a Book exercises will give you a solid foundation to start writing your first draft or figure out what the missing ingredient is in an existing draft. This is critical foundation work, and is the most often neglected aspect when starting a new project. Starting off on the right foot with a clear understanding of your story and how all the foundational elements work together will increase your chances to successfully finish, and finish strong. Since you’ll be writing forward with clarity around your story, your first draft will read more like a 3rd or 4th. Why? Because you’ll have filled the obvious potholes before you even hit the road.

Your Step One package includes:

  • Blueprint for a Book workbook.
  • Additional resources as required.
  • Six assignments with pre-determined deadlines.
  • Each homework assignment will include brand new material, or a request for revision of previous material, or both.
  • Written feedback on each submission, including questions to get you thinking and digging deeper.
  • Six 30+ minute phone calls (one per deadline) to brainstorm and discuss feedback. Our first call will be a pre-coaching “getting to know you” call, and our last call will be to toast your accomplishment and answer any lingering questions you may have.
  • My personal care & attention as your coach. Your story matters. I truly want to help set you up to write the best book you can.
  • At the end of six weeks, you’ll have a tidy, concise summary of the foundational elements of your novel or memoir (the One Page Book Summary), and a solidly drafted skeleton of your story (the Inside Outline). Both of these documents together will be your guideposts as you write forward.
  • My goal in offering this Step One package is to help you create a living, breathing tool that will help you write forward into your next steps, whether that next step is writing a first draft or revising an existing work.

Cost: $900.

Assignment deadlines can be set weekly or biweekly; however, all six deadlines must be completed within three months. If it takes more than six deadlines to get through all of the assignments, additional deadlines can be purchased individually.