There’s something indescribably delicious about creating something that fills the need for both beauty and function. Quilting is like gardening…and like knitting… and like writing. You start out with an empty piece of ground, a blank piece of paper, a skein of wool, a stack of colourful fabrics. And then you create. Here are a few of the quilts I’ve made over the years.

Click on the links to see the story of each quilt and more photos!

Bookcase Quilt, designed by Nita Collins, hand and machine quilted, machine embroidered.

Garden PartyColumbia Ice Fields, Jasper National Park

Disappearing 9-Patch for Margy Hand quilted.

The 12th Man: a Bento Box quilt for Ross.

Trifle Dish Row Quilt for Dee. Hand quilted.

train tracks

Tyler’s Quilt: Indomitable Spirit: wonky hash-tag blocks, hand quilted.

The Friendship Garden Bow tie quilt with hand appliqued EPP rosettes. Hand quilted.

Pam’s Sampler  Hand quilted


Windmill Baby Quilt

017♥ :

Heidi’s Quilt: Little Sister  Hand Quilted. Pattern: stacked coins

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Nora’s Quilt “Stars in her eyes”. Designed by Nita Collins. Hand quilted.

Mon Fils Bien-Amié: a Christmas quilt for Michael. Hand quilted.


Amber’s Quilt. Pattern: Island Chain. Hand quilted.

♥ :

Halia’s Quilt. Pattern designed by Nita Collins. Hand appliqued and tied.

Jade’s Quilt. Pattern: basket weave. Hand tied.

Butterflies in my Garden for Mom . Hand quilted. Pattern: appliqued butterflies.


Kelly’s Quilt. Pattern: Ohio Star. Hand quilted.

Haley’s Signature Quilt. Fence Rail. Hand tied.

Nita summer 10 087 The very first quilt I ever made! 
1996: Michael’s Quilt. “Sky at Night”. Pattern: fence rail. Hand quilted.

5 thoughts on “Quilts

  1. I love all the creativity involved not only with the quilts, but with the photography. I wish I had pictures like that of some of the dozens of quilts that I’ve made and given away over the years!

  2. It was nice to see you on my blog-thanks for coming by. Now that I see your beautiful photography and to find another Yukon quilter–awesome!

    I adore the picture of the quilt rolled up and sitting on the deck by the lake–adore it!! And I smiled at the one of you in the river in order to get that ‘perfect’ picture of the quilt.

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