Charity Quilt

This is a Hands-2-Help charity quilt 🙂

002This one is going to the RCMP Victim Services Unit here in Salmon Arm.

003It is 69×53″ and hand tied. I love hand tied quilts. They are so cozy and loveable!

008Almost as cozy and loveable as my assistant!

009I always want to see the back, don’t you? I used doodle fabric from IKEA 🙂

011I received enoughdonated blocks to make this big lap-sized quilt plus a smaller cuddle quilt. I was going to take the cuddle quilt with me to Whitehorse this fall, but I’ve decided to donate it along with its “big sister” here in Salmon Arm instead. Because maybe there will be a sibling group that would like to have matching quilts.

Because You Matter: Boy Quilt #2

I’m really moving right along with these sibling quilts! Here is quilt number two:


It measures 43″ x 30″ – a nice size for a preschooler. I was digging around in the bottom of my stash and I came up with six 6″ squares of bright cartoon jungle print that my friend Karyne had given me years and years ago and that I had totally forgotten about.


I dug out some jellyroll strips in bright primary colours, cut up a dark blue cotton pillowcase donated by Pam for the background and sewed up six wonky courthouse square blocks.




I hand tied it with red yarn and ran around the outside border with the machine. I’m pretty sure that the machine lines are a lot straighter in person than they look in the picture. And if they aren’t, well, I guess they’re just a lot like me, lol!


Don’t ya just love pictures of quilts all rolled up? I do! Something about the colours against the binding just makes me smile.

I’m linking in with Cat Patches for her New Fabric Object linky party. We’re supposed to show what we started in April. I started the project of making three quilts for three little boys. Two down, one to go!


Ciao for now!





Little Boy Prints Needed ASAP

I am using my 15-minute coffee break to dash off this quick little blog post, which is actually a request to any of you who quilt.  I spoke to the social worker that took the pink Valentine quilt last month. She told me that the little girl who received it was SO EXCITED! Yay! Happy happy happy!

018She also told me that she has several small boys that would love quilts.  She has asked for small quilts for toddlers up to age 8 or 9.

Now, I happen to be working on 3 little girl quilts using squares from the the generous ladies over at Quilts for Kids. And I am sure they will go to good homes as soon as I’ve finished them (one will be ready to go any day now) – but I would like to put them on hold for now and concentrate on some little boy quilts, since that is what is needed at the moment.

My problem is that my stash (which is actually looking pretty good right now) does not contain any (none, zip, zilch) little boy fabric.  I have zero animals, zero planes, zero trucks, zero cars, zero superheros, zero anything at all that says “boy”.

So…if you have any little-boy prints taking up room in your quilting stash, I would happily put them to good use. I want need to make a few small quilts to give to these little boys. Many are in sibling groups.  My heart aches for them. These are little boys who have recently been removed from their homes and are either in the receiving home awaiting foster placement, or newly in foster care. They are young and could sure use come comfort to snuggle up in.

Thanks, guys. Contact me if you can help.