2016 Hands2Help quilts!

The 2016 Hands2Help quilts are here!

hands2help2016 002shrunk

This year, Because You Matter received 18 brand new quilts that will be donated to Kaushee’s Place Transition Home, and to the women and children starting their new lives at Betty’s Haven in Whitehorse, Yukon. Thank you to Sarah Craig and Hands2Help for organizing this marvelous quilt drive and for including Because You Matter as the Canadian recipient!

A total of 16 quilts were received from 9 quilters this year. I added in two quilts that were left over from last year for a total of 18 quilts!

Quilts were received from:

  • Strathroy, Ontario
  • Mendota Heights, Minnesota
  • Great Britain
  • Chilliwack, British Columbia
  • The Villages, Florida
  • Knoxville, Tennessee
  • St. Charles, Ontario
  • Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • Simi Valley, California

Each of these quilts was made by hand and stitched with enough love to last a lifetime. Do you want to see them? Drum roll please…

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Hands2Help: a Because You Matter bonanza!

I asked friends to collect our mail for us when we left to spend two months in the Yukon because I was going to be gone right in the middle of the time that quilts might be arriving from the Hands2Help charity quilt drive. I told my friends that I was expecting two or maybe three parcels. Imagine my surprise when I opened my door and walked in to this great stack of boxes!


I have no idea why this picture is showing upside-down. Sorry!

This is so exciting! To date, 14 quilts, 3 tops and enough extra 9-patch squares to make a baby quilt have arrived from towns all across Canada and the United States:

  • Mt. Juliet, Tennessee;
  • Saint Paul, Minnesota;
  • Katy, Texas;
  • Fitzwilliam, New Hampshire;
  • Southampton, Ontario;
  • Simi Valley, California;
  • Rochester, Washington;
  • Strathroy, Ontario;
  • Dansville, Michigan;
  • The Villages, Florida; and
  • Kingsville, Ontario.

I have no idea why this picture is showing upside-down. Sorry!

I’m unpacking them right now and have to say that I’m feeling completely overwhelmed with the care and attention that went into the making of every one of these quilts. It’s obvious that their makers were thinking of the children who will find comfort and joy when they wrap up with a picture book, make a  fort, snuggle up. I can feel love oozing out of every single one of these beautiful quilts.

I’m completely blown away at your generosity, dearest readers.  Oh my goodness! Because You Matter has taken on a whole new meaning. It isn’t just the children and teens that matter and deserve a quilt, it’s YOU generous people who make the quilts that matter, too – that give these beautiful gifts to deserving folks in need of them. Because we all matter!

One more parcel is still waiting at the post office, so if you sent something and don’t see your town listed, that’s probably it. I’ll pick it up next time I go to town.

Stay tuned for part two…the photos!